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Last year I experienced a breakup that left me feeling devastated, but it led me to start a self-study about who I am in Christ. As a result, I have replaced what I told myself about me and what others told me with what God says about me and my life has not been the same!

Join me for cupcakes and a conversation about how we see ourselves and how we need to see ourselves in 2020 and beyond!

*Please arrive before 6:30 if planning to order from Pyros menu.
*Event is held in the conference room.

In Girl, Forget All That! I along with 8 other women discuss our most difficult breakup to and how we moved on to let women know they are not alone and help them heal so they can live the life God has given them to the fullest.

$15 + $5 S & H


In W.A.I.T. – Women and Intimate Tales, eleven women candidly and transparently discuss matters such as their first time, why some are choosing to wait, and what sex means to them – all in an effort to help YOU make an informed decision about sex.

$15+ $5 S&H