To help unmarried Christian women understand their identity in Christ. By understanding their identity in Christ, they have the capacity to overcome rejection, be confident in the woman God called them to be and fulfill their God given purpose

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Who Is C. Jackson?

Chamel Jackson is an author, coach, entrepreneur, educator and inspirational speaker with a passion for helping young women fulfill their God given purpose. She has had an interesting career journey, but it has all worked for the best! She graduated from Memphis Central High School and later the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Christian Brothers University with a Masters in Middle Grades Education. Becoming an entrepreneur was never in her life plan. However, being teased about her celibacy journey in 2008 led her to a book idea and creating Breaking it Down with C Jackson in 2014 to help unmarried individuals make an informed decision about sexual activity according to God’s word to avoid the negative consequences of engaging in sexual activities. In 2016, she self-published her first book, W.A.I.T (Women and Intimate Tales), where 11 women openly discuss sexual topics such as their first time, celibacy, and their definition of sex to help young ladies make an educated decision about sex. It was presented to The Home Shopping Network in April 2018. In 2018,  a breakup led  her to write her second book Girl, Forget All That! Moving Forward after a Relationship Ends Part 1 and do a self study on her worth in Christ. Now she  helps single Christian women understand their identity in Christ so they can have the capacity to overcome rejection, be confident in the women called God them to be, and fulfill their God given purpose. Chamel has also served as a singles mentor teaching adults about sexual integrity, and is a licensed educator When not working she loves to listen to live music with friends, spend time with family, and bake!


Boldness to Openly Challenge and Talk About Sex

What I love most about Breaking It Down With C. Jackson is her platform and transparency of her message.  When it comes to conversations, the topic of sex is still taboo which is absurd because we’re naturally curious about it!  The boldness and transparency C. Jackson uses to openly challenge and talk about sex, as well as her passion to educate and advocate for sexual abstinence is an inspirational and refreshing alternate that our culture needs.  Regardless of age and maturity, you will definitely be able to relate to Breaking It Down With C. Jackson!

CN NASH, Author and Licensed Mental Health Professional

A Very Good Example of Things that Should Be Addressed in this Generation

Chamel’s book, W.A.I.T is a very good example of things that should be addressed in this generation. There are a lot of young people that need to read the book because it gives good information and details. I really enjoyed reading W.A.I.T because it gave a new outlook on what some young people may be thinking about in this generation! I know once you purchase the book, you’ll love it and want to share it with other young people connected to you.

Kieristan Humphries

Educating People on Saving Sex Until Marriage

Breaking it down by C Jackson is a ministry/company that is founded with a passion for educating people on saving sex until marriage. Chamel also aims to educate people on the risks/danger of premarital sex/sexual acts. She operates with a spirit of excellence and will be a true blessing to your conference, program, event, etc.

Candace M. Chambers, Author of Created to Win

Just What Our Teens & Young Adults Need

Breaking It Down with C. Jackson is just what our teens & young adults need. Chamel provides panels & books from a spiritual perspective as well as through various testimonies to discuss the benefits & value of abstinence & celibacy until marriage. This is greatly needed in a world where sex before marriage is motivated through media & peer pressure without providing realistic outcomes such as STDs, unplanned pregnancies, emotional & financial ties & more. I’m grateful for her boldness & obedience to this call!

Candice Jones, Director of Candice L. Jones Performing Arts Ministry Instruction

An Outlet to Share Our Personal Journeys

Breaking It Down with C. Jackson has created an outlet for me and others to share our personal journeys with others in hopes of helping them. While each person’s experience is different, the company’s events have promoted an open dialogue about a topic most people usually don’t openly talk about regularly. It’s also encouraging to know that there are other ladies my age, younger, and older who have chosen to be wise in their decision to wait. Thankful for a company like Breaking It Down with C. Jackson.

Jamie D.

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